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Technologies to get you up and running, whether you're a coffee shop, hotel, homeware store, law firm or anything else!

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Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)

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A critical component of any physical shop, the electronic cash register takes cash and card payments. There are plenty of factors to consider such as whether you need to take contactless payments, is an extra receipt printer required for kitchen or bar staff to reduce errors and prevent waste, should the POS track your inventory so you're prompted to reorder when low?

We'll find a system which perfectly fits your needs, complete the installation and provide training for your staff.

Cloud Accounting Software

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Customers are in, happily browsing on your speedy WiFi and you're taking payments on the POS system. Keeping track of expenses, revenue and profit is critical to the sustainability of your business. Accounting software will help you keep tabs on business performance and make your accountants life easier which will reduce costs.

We'll select and setup accounting software which integrates with your POS so you won't have to spend tedious hours in Excel.

Internet Security Camera Installations

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Protect your premises with a network-connected security camera installation. Our solutions will allow you to not only record and playback footage, but stream it live to your mobile phone, wherever you are. Motion detection allows for you to be instantly notified when unusual activity is detected.

We'll select and install a reliable camera solution to protect your business.


Current technology not cutting the mustard? Let us eliminate your IT bottlenecks for unshackled business growth.

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Cloud Staff Rota and Timesheeting

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As your team becomes larger, it's harder to keep tabs on who's working which shift and absence becomes difficult to manage. Staff calling in sick triggers frantic phone calls to find a replacement. Investing in an electronic rota saves you time because once it's setup, adjustments are usually infrequent and easy to make. Staff receive shift notifications via an app and are automatically clocked in and out

We'll setup the rota software and link it to your accounting system for hassle free payroll. We will also train you and your staff.

Inventory Management

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A growing business accumulates stock and materials. Keeping track of your growing inventory with a dedicated system will enable to prevent stock-outs, identify your most popular products, keep stock on-hand synced across your physical and internet stores, and forecast demand.

We'll find the most suitable product for your business, analyse your business processes and configure the system to suit. This will include an import of your current inventory.

Web and Mobile Appointment Booking

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If your business relies on customer appointments, for example you run a hair salon, beauty salon or a spa, then when business is booming a paper diary and landline phone isn't going to cut it. Upgrade to a bookings platform available 24/7 so customers old an new and book appointments even when you're closed.

We'll identify the right product for you, compete the entire setup and integrate it with your website.


Plan for the future with our advisory services.

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IT Strategy and Advisory

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When the time comes, ask us about long term technology strategy. We'd love to partner with you and put together a long term IT strategy and roadmap which supports your business every step of the way.

We'll review your business plan over a 2-3 year period and produce a technology plan which shows why, how and when to invest in new technology.

We can also act as a virtual or part time CIO to ensure you're kept abreast of new technology, capitalise on new innovation and ensure your business is secured against threats such as data breaches.