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IT Networks

Network Design Service

Bespoke network design and install for your business. Enquire now for a quote.

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Business WiFi Installation

★ OFFER: £249 fixed price

Many businesses are finding that customers have come to expect free WiFi access. Making public WiFi available can be a headache for business owners, with data security top of that list.

Our fixed price WiFi solution provides you with a business-grade WiFi access point, securely setup to keep your private staff network separate from the public network, keeping business systems and data safe. Additionally, we apply configuration to stop a any one person consuming all the available bandwidth, slowing the connections of others.

We'll survey your premises, recommend where the access point should be placed for optimal coverage and complete the installation.

Small Office Networks

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IT networks are mission critical in today's offices, which need fast and reliable networks to guarantee staff productivity. We install wired and wireless networks in new offices as well troubleshoot and upgrade existing networks.

Whether you need a home office network for one person or a network for your medium sized business, we will provide and install all the equipment you need - switches, routers, firewalls, remote access (VPN - Virtual Private Network) and more.

We'll review your requirements no matter how big or small, design and install a network which meets both your current and future needs.

Internet Connections

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Don't let slow internet slow down your business! Whether you're sending emails, downloading files, issuing invoices or ordering stock, we can advise on and install internet connections to keep you connected 24/7.

Based on your business needs, we'll recommend the best value internet connection and complete a professional installation.

Network Printers

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Even in a digital society, businesses still rely on printers for anything from packing slips to advertising materials. A network printer allows all your staff to share one or more reliable printers, which can be secured using passcodes or access cards to help ensure sensitive information isn't left lying around.

We'll listen to your requirements, recommend and install the perfect model of network printer for your business.